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Face of Science

Meet 10 inspiring young researchers enhancing science across the nation. Hear about the passion that fuels their research, what a scientist identity means to them, and how they plan to shape the future of science.

Face Of Science Video Series

Watch new interviews every Wednesday featuring our 10 inspiring scientists!

  • imageEp. 5 — "It's Fresh" — Sydni Alexis Elebra Interview
  • imageEp. 4 — "A Piece of the Puzzle" — Sydni Alexis Elebra & Leonardo Romero-Barajas Interview
  • imageEp. 3 — "Acquiring New Knowledge" — Ayanna Culmer-Gilbert Interview
  • imageEp. 2 — "Appreciated in My Culture" — Jade Dodge Interview
  • imageEp. 1 — "It's Important to Us" — Jade & Ayanna Face Of Science Interview